Sunday, June 19, 2005

Circuit split - the Ninth Circuit

The GOP wants to split the 9th Circuit up into three seperate circuits. I forsee many filibusters.

"Congressional Republicans are hoping yet again to split the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, which covers nine Western states and has issued some rulings to the dismay of conservatives, saying a breakup is the best way to reduce the caseload of the circuit's federal judges. "

Lawmakers Trying Again to Divide Ninth Circuit - New York Times

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ms. Dolkart needs a bit 'o the anger management

"The panel of nine women and three men deliberated less than an hour before fining Jane Dolkart $1,000 and sentencing her to two years in prison with a recommendation that she be given probation. The judge hearing the case sentenced her to five years' probation. Witnesses who testified during the trial described Ms. Dolkart as an impatient and aggressive driver as she followed cyclist Tommy Thomas and another rider near White Rock Lake last May. Ms. Dolkart's green Volkswagen Passat hit and dragged Mr. Thomas several feet, leaving him with bruises and abrasions, but only minor injuries."

Turns out she has accidentally hit other peds before too. Yikes! SMU Law Prof Gets Probation, $1,000 Fine For Intentionally Hitting Cyclist With Her Car

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Why aren't lawyers called "doctors"

After all, we have a "Juris Doctor." I asked this two posts down in my "I just graduated from law school" post...seriously, if we have a "doctorate" why aren't we called "doctors."

One of my partners over at the Induce Act Blog sent me this link where Mr. Kinsella, Esq. (not "Dr." Kinsella mind you) explains why we aren't called doctors.

Basically, as he points out, we just don't deserve such a respectable title.

KinsellaLaw on the "Juris Doctor"

Dallas Cowboys commit copyright infringement

The Dallas Cowboys used a photog's pic of Emmitt Smith on loads of merchandise without permission. They were ordered to pay him $275,000 after he refused their initial settlement offer of $1,000, oops.

The best part of the settlement for the photographer is that he is banned from attending Cowboy's games at Texas Stadium, like anyone would want to see them play anyway. :) - Sports - Cowboys Ordered To Pay Photographer For Copyright Infringement

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