Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chris is a Certified Cicerone and is now working as a beer consultant!

It's been a few years since we arrived in San Francisco! After working for several years as an attorney, I'm excited to announce that I've made the move into the beer business.

Since 2009 I've explored the growing craft beer scene in the US in a deep way, learning about the industry and making contacts all over California and beyond. I also started homebrewing in 2009, I love the the community of people around the hobby. Obviously, I learned a ton about beer this way and have become a beer judge thanks to the knowledge I gained about beer styles and brewing technique.

I launched the San Francisco Homebrewers Guild in February of 2012. I have served as the President of the SFHG for 2012 and 2013. Only a year and a half after launching the Guild, we have over 130 annual-dues-paying members, hold monthly meetings at Anchor Brewing, and organize four BJCP-AHA registered homebrew competitions per year on top of plenty of other events including Homebrew Shares and brewery tours.

I earned my Certified Cicerone┬« status in 2013 by passing the rigorous Certified Cicerone test. The Cicerone program tests knowledge of beer styles and history, beer off flavors and how they come about, food and beer pairing, properly running and cleaning tap systems, and proper beer service. A high level of beer knowledge is required to pass. There is only one higher level in the Cicerone program, that of Master Cicerone, of which there are currently only seven. I will be preparing for the Master Cicerone test over the coming years.

I celebrated earning my Certified Cicerone status by taking a three week trip to two of my favorite beer (and whiskey) producing countries - Scotland and Belgium! Here are some pics from my beer travel adventures to Scotland and Belgium. Prior to that huge European beer trip, I went on a week-long road trip down the coast of California to visit breweries. Ultimately, the trip ended with a massive two day bottle share with friends in San Diego, which included some of the greatest and rarest beer on Earth, plus the 7th Annual Stone Sour Fest.

I recently launched a new website to make folks aware of my availability for beer consulting services: Chris Cohen, Cicerone. I am highly qualified to help bars and restaurants that want to take the beer programs to the next level by helping them put together a great beer list and by training their staff in proper beer service. I am also available to help with setting up beer dinners and other fun beer tasting events. I am based in San Francisco but am available for travel.

Please don't be shy about getting in touch, I can talk about beer all day!


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