Saturday, April 10, 2004

Concept cars

Your author and his girlfriend will be heading to the New York International Auto Show later today. Check out some of the crazy concept vehicles on the website - lots of gadgety goodness. Maybe one day I'll actually be able to afford a car, though it will not be while I am in NYC, where it costs as much to park each month as you would pay rent for an apartment in most cities.

Update: We had a good time at the auto show, but spent half the time fighting to get a good look at the vehicles. Volvo stole the show with their YCC, or “your concept car,” as featured in this Wired article. They also had a full sized Volvo made from Lego’s, a lowered station wagon that looked pretty tough, and one coupe with a pop-art paint job that was very cool. You can see pics of all the cars on the website for the show. There are also some pics with this story on CNN.


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