Wednesday, April 21, 2004

liberty is to censorship as freedom is to ...

Whoa there pardna! Be glad this guy isn't the head of the FTC, otherwise the only thing on TV would Seseme Street and Lawrence Welk reruns:

"I don't think censorship is a bad word, but it has become a bad word because everybody associates it with some kind of restriction on liberty," said Mr. Boone, who is in Washington making the rounds as the national spokesman for the 60-Plus Association, a conservative senior citizen lobby.

Censorship is not a restriction on liberty? An interesting interpretation of words I though I knew the definitions of. Oh wait a second, here we go:

Mr. Boone said that if he were in charge of standards, there would be stringent controls on material. "It must be majority approved ... voluntary ... and self-imposed," he said, clad in a yellow blazer, black slacks, a canary yellow tie and white leather shoes. "Censorship is healthy for any society, and that goes for arts, entertainment, anything. Self-imposed means that the majority of people say that is what we want, and it can be changed if people's attitudes change, which is how a democratic society works."

Ok, there are so many problems with this paragraph. Lets be glad this guy isn't in charge of standards because if he was, we would all have to volunteer to censor ourselves due to his majority rule. Well, he got one thing a democratic society you have to learn to live with things you don't like - nasty curse words even! One of the beauties of a democratic society is that even those who's views are at the margins can say what they want. A guy like this is one one end of the spectrum, maybe Howard Stern is at the other. I never listened to Stern (maybe a few times), but I think it is a shame that no one can now - only because of what it represents about the mood of the country. How did a tit cause such an uproar? And how did people who espouse these views come to hold such power in our country?

Via The Washington Times.


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