Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Problem with the archives & solicitations for a domain name.

I have noticed that the archives on the right of the page do not seem to be working. Great, no doubt Blogger has lost the last months worth of posts. That would really annoy me. I'll be working on the problem, and dreaming about a shiney, new, pretty MovableType powered website of my very own. I am still working on a name for it (althought I do have one in mind that is available in the dot COM TLD). If you think of any good ideas let me know. I'm looking for something that "conjures up" the ideas of cyberlaw or intellectual property that I can get in the dot COM and/or dot NET TLD's (because they are just SO much more prestigious than little 'ol dot US, BIZ, or INFO). You've got the email address --> ccohen (at) gmail dot com, use it man!


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