Thursday, July 08, 2004

"Copyscape" - catch people who infringe your copyright online (or be caught)

Check out this amazing new site (still in Beta) called Copyscape. You enter your site address into Copyscape and it tracks down all the sites on the web that have copied your content! The program is really amazing and is made by the same people that created Google Alert.

When I entered my site into Copyscape, there were 15 entries, most of which were due to quotes I had taken from news sources (Copyscape will show you what you have copied as well as what others have copied from you). The most common phrase that turned up for me was "The photos often depicted Barbie dolls placed in sexually provocative positions." This quote comes from a recent post entitled "Mattel gets nailed". I took the quote from a news story, which is linked to in the post.

It remains to be seen haw useful Copyscape will be, or if it will create new copyright litigation based on stealing web postings and news articles.

Via IP News Blog, more at Research Buzz.


Blogger Sandy said...

I ran my blog ( through the system. Thank God, no illegal copying. I'm safe!

7/12/2004 9:32 AM  

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