Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Judge Suspended For Wearing Blackface To Party

Damn, talk about bad "judgment." What is wrong with these judges? This guy is a member of the Louisiana Supreme Court for chrissakes.

The Louisiana Supreme Court [Judge Timothy Ellender] has given a judge a six-month suspension for wearing blackface makeup, handcuffs and a jail jumpsuit to a Halloween party.
Ellender, who is white, said the costumes worn by him and his wife were meant as a joke. She dressed as a policewoman. And the party's host, Ellender's brother-in-law, was dressed as Buckwheat.

The justices agreed Ellender did not mean to insult blacks. Still, they ordered him to take a sociology course to get "a greater understanding of racial sensitivity."
NBC 4 - News - Judge Suspended For Wearing Blackface To Party

Judge Ellender said in his defense, "I have lots of black friends" (that's a joke). Obviously the most interaction with people of color this guy gets is when he reads habeas petitions for people the lower Louisiana state courts have sentanced to prison terms. What a jackass. This is at least as bad as this judge throwing a party for a criminal defendent she was putting in prison. These are the people we are trusting to uphold the Constitution and protect our rights?


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