Friday, March 18, 2005

reactions to NARC

Here's a nice op-ed putting the legislative freak-out in perspective. Like the author says, the interactivity of video games has led to an increased urgency to the debate over violence in entertainment media, but the reality is that this debate has been played out for every type of new media ever to debut. He also points out that many recent killings or killers have had some connection to religion, but there is no move to lay any blame there despite the Bible's load of sex and violence. I think that's a tough comparison to make, but you can't deny that it is something that makes you say "hmmmm." If video games kill, what about the Bible? Perspectives CNET

Here are a few images from the new game NARC, which has decided to try and out-do Grand Theft Auto by allowing the character to take drugs as power-ups. Here's a post I did on this a day or so ago.


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