Saturday, August 13, 2005

New Book: "Hot Property: The Stealing of ideas in an Age of Globalization"

Sounds like it may be a really great read for nerdy IP law types! It was released in April, but this is the first I've heard of it.

"According to Pat Choate, the British aristocracy once believed that 'gentlemen do not steal the ideas of others.' As the author deftly points out in his latest venture, however, that philosophy (even among Englishmen) could not be further from the truth. Choate, a political economist, radio co-host, and 1996 vice-presidential running mate of Ross Perot, tracks the evolution of the stealing of ideas and inventions, along with the development of legal mechanisms, such as patent and copyright laws, to protect (or at least attempt to protect) owners from such thievery.

Through political commentary, historical storytelling, and a plethora of statistics, Choate describes the pilfering of ideas on individual and governmental levels, and provides an in-depth account of how US and international laws have helped and hindered those seeking protection."

'Gentlemen do not steal the ideas of others.' Oh yeah? |

Here's the book on Amazon (they have $10 used hardbacks) - HOT PROPERTY: The Stealing of ideas in an Age of Globalization.

If you read it definitly come back and let me know how it is.


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