Wednesday, April 28, 2004

CAN-SPAM Act finally getting action.

The first lawsuits based on the CAN-SPAM Act were filed today against some spammers who were sending out email advertising diet pills. They were doing some naughty things forbidden by the CAN-SPAM Act, such as; 1) falsifying their header information; 2) hijacking relay computers to send the spam for them; 3) not providing a physical return address; 4) not providing information that personally identified the sender; 5) sent more than 100,000 spam emails during the course of a year (millions in this case); etc. The articles don't say these are the parts the spammers violated, but I'm taking a guess it is these provisions, and probably a few others. These guys could be facing jail time, also, they will have to give up all of the money they have made from the operation, anything they have bought with that money, and all of the equipment and programs they used to send the spam. OUCH! Let the spammer smack-downs begin!

Court papers identified the four as Daniel J. Lin, James J. Lin, Mark M. Sadek and Christopher Chung, all believed living in suburban Detroit. They were accused of disguising their identities in hundreds of thousands of e-mail sales pitches and delivering e-mails by bouncing messages through unprotected relay computers on the Internet.

Much like their email return addresses:

The Lins and Chung could not be located at any of the addresses or telephone numbers listed in the court documents.

How Ironic.

Articles here and here.


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