Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Do-Not-Call Registry

Stick it to 'em! The government is going to raise the cost of purchasing the "Do-Not-Call List."

The proposal drew immediate criticism from the telemarketing industry. It represents "the ongoing, literal persecution of the teleservices industry," said Tim Searcy, executive director of the American Teleservices Association, which represents more than 600 call centers.

Awwww, we really feel bad for you, especially after we hung up on one of your friends this evening during dinner. There should be tougher legislation concerning telemarketing - like with the CAN-SPAM act (as ineffective as it is) which provides a civil action and remedy per unsolicited phone call (and criminal suits if there has been over 1,000 unsolicited emails in one year). There is the Telephone Consumer Protection Act which forbids unsolicited faxes ("junk faxes"), "autodialer" calling, and prohibits telephone solicitation calls to homes before 8 am or after 9 pm. Unfortunatly niether the law nor the enforcement of it is very tough - the FTC has received 300,000 complaints from people claiming violations of the Do Not Call List and has yet to fine any telemarketing company.

Get on the list here, it does help.

Via The Washington Post.


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