Saturday, April 03, 2004

Hell's Angels asserting their trademark in "Deathheads" logo (but not with lawyers)

Even the Hell's Angels are getting serious about IP. The Hell's Angels in Finland weren't amused when they saw some kid at a bar wearing a "Hellus Angel's" shirt featuring the winged, helmet-wearing skull. In fact, the bikers forced the student to hand the shirt over right there at the bar! They then complained to the student's school officials, who agreed it was a stolen logo and was used on the shirts due to "thoughtlessness on the part of the kids." The school has collected the students' shirts and handed them over to the local Hell's Angels chapter (what a windfall, free clothes). Sounds like the school was just scared to me (not that it would be unusual to be scared of a biker gang). Article here.
Via N.Q.B (Not Quite a Blog).

(Update: it looks like this is hitting more mainstream media now, Yahoo is running this story in thier IP News.)


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