Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Hollywood getting in on the video game action (even more than before)

According to this NY Times story, now that video games are pulling in such huge money, Hollywood is getting interested. For years games have been made that are based on movies, often they are clearly a rushed-to-the-market afterthought. More recently, as with the Lord of the Rings and Matrix games, the video game is a major part of the money-making machine behind the film.

Besides this trend, some directors are planning to start making games that aren’t just movie tie-ins. For instance, John Woo (action movie premier), is working on a new game for Sega about a heist, in fact, Woo is considering making a movie out of the game. Ridley Scott, the man behind Alien and Blade Runner is also talking to game execs about making a game.

This is surely a shift in the way video games are viewed by media bigs. Look for companies like Warner Brothers to get in on the action soon – with their deep pockets.


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