Thursday, May 06, 2004

More bad news for SCO

More bad news for SCO here:

In an apparent reference to SCO's lagging product revenues -- SCO had a $2.3 million net loss on $11.4 million in revenue for its most recent quarter, down from $13.5 million in early 2003 -- the NRF questioned the Utah company's lawsuit motives. "It is almost as if The SCO Group's business model is to generate a revenue stream through litigation," Hogan said. "NRF expects that retailers who use Linux will survive the current litigation. "

The retail group's statement came as SCO awaits news on whether the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) will follow the lead of investment partner BayStar Capital, which last month demanded redemption of its $20 million October investment. RBC, which has $30 million in SCO preferred convertible stocks, continued to discuss the matter internally Wednesday, said spokesman Paul Wilson.

They've also recently been laying off employees.

Via The Salt Lake Tribune - "Retailers oppose SCO's stance".

I've written more about this below, such as here.


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