Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Fun stuff

Absolutly nothing to do with IP law:

So...this guy has 20 foot long dreadlocks, picture here. But really, the reason you should go to the site and see this is not merely because of this man's ridiculous hair, but because you can click on the picture to get a bigger version, and from there you can cycle through all the pictures in the "weird news" section. It's worth it if you have 5 or 10 minutes to slack, there is some crazy (and some no big deal) stuff there.

The pics include, but are not limited to: a wild bear walking right up to some unsuspecting people in a hospital; a dog with prosthetic feet; the biggest sandwich ever; a car dangling out of a parking garage window several stories up; cops trying to pull over an escaping ostrich; a small shark attached to a man's leg; kids breakdancing for the pope; and a fried cow-brain sandwich.


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