Friday, July 09, 2004

9 Out of 10 Reasonable (bipartisan) People Agree, this is out of control!

I just have to point out this ad that is running on the front page of the Washington Times website for "Authentic GOP dot com." They sell t-shirts that read "10 out of 10 terrorists agree anybody but Bush." On their website they ask, "after all, whom would Osama vote for?"

Frankly I am surprised that any paper would run such an ad. I guess the Washington Times is like the New York Post though, pretty much a scandal rag that leans to the right. For instance check out this article by the editor-in-chief of the paper about how Kerry and Edwards "lock eyes frequently in deep contact and stop barely short of demonstrating what great kissers they may be." The headline on the NY Post site is about how Whoopi insulted Bush at a Dem fundraiser

Ah, a quick search is revealing: The Washington Times is owned by "Moonie" cult leader Rev. Sun Myung Moon (of the mass weddings), founder of the Unification Church and a staunch conservative. Moon is also reputed to be a friend of the Bush family. Moon was recently "crowned" by US Congressmen, no seriously, I'm not kidding. Here is an interesting article in the Gadflyer about the coronation (there's more on Wikipedia) and I'm sure there's a ton of stuff about him on Google.

UPDATE: A must see Doonesbury response can be found here. It notes that Bush has been a uniter...he's united Muslims all over the world against the U.S. (and squandered U.S. moral authority). Check it out quick before it is archived.


Blogger Tom said...

I think its quite clear that if terrorists were interested in voting (which they obviously are not), they would vote for George W. Bush. After all, he has played right into their hands, providing them with an American occupation to rally discontented muslims against and bringing the world closer to the all out conflict that al-Qaeda desires. The images from the war, particularly those of Abu Ghraib have perhaps been Usama's best recruiting tool. The true threat to terrorism is the elimination of an imperialistic foreign policy, ending support of dictatorial regimes and decreasing the disparity between the haves and the have-nots.

7/09/2004 11:45 AM  

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