Thursday, November 11, 2004

Microsoft to indemnify customers from IP infringement, plus news on the SCO case

Microsoft will indemnify its customers. This is an understandable marketing ploy considering the trouble many Linux users have had from the SCO claims that they own the UNIX code and that Linux infringes on it.
The software maker announced on Wednesday that it will indemnify nearly all its customers against any claims that their use of Microsoft software infringed on any intellectual-property claims. The company said the protection extends to current and older versions of its software, including its Windows operating system, Office desktop software and SQL Server database.
Of course, it's not just altruism that motivates the software maker. The company plans to make indemnity a new plank in its "Get the Facts" campaign, which touts the advantages of Windows over Linux.
MSN Tech & Gadgets Article - Microsoft to back customers in infringement cases & Slashdot - MS Indemnifies Customers Against IP Threats

In related news there may be some new evidence in the SCO case that will have quite an impact:
Groklaw is reporting that Novell has just filed a reply with an exhibit in support of their motion to dismiss SCO's complaint. The exhibit consists of "1995 minutes from the corporate kit of a meeting of the Board of Directors, which clearly and unequivocably say that Novell was to retain the UNIX copyrights in the sale to Santa Cruz that year."

Slashdot - Novell Pulls Out Their Ace Against SCO

SCO is claiming the copyright in UNIX, obviously if they said in board meeting that they did not then that would be a big problem for their case. Hopefully this Linux/SCO case is resolved soon, it's been going on for so long.


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