Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Copyright Infringers for Kerry!

Here are some buttons I picked up in Union Square, NYC.

Those darn infringers are trying to corrupt our children by using cartoon characters to sell them the loose morals of the Democratic party! These pins certainly don't promote family values. GOP: If you see one of these pins on any trouble makers at a Bush rally they're outta there! If you see anyone wearing these pins at a voting station in FL or OH be sure to challenge their right to vote!

Or is it just that Spidey really knows the deal? I think he may, Spidey endorses Kerry in 2004!

Shrek and the whole ogre crew support Kerry too!

And finally a remix of a public domain work, Da Vinci's famous fresco-style painting - The Last Supper. I'm almost certain that if Da Vinci were alive and well today, he'd also support Kerry!


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