Monday, November 22, 2004

Perfect 10 Inc. suing Google...

...for providing links to sites that are infringing their copyright in their nudie pics and give away free passwords to their pay site:

Perfect 10 says Google is providing unauthorized access to thousands of its copyrighted pictures.
Google displays the images from rogue websites operated in foreign countries, according to Perfect 10's lawsuit. The search engine also provides links to password hacking sites that provide ways to gain illegal access to Perfect 10's website, the suit alleges.

National Post: Adult entertainment site sues Google for copyright infringement.

Well, there's almost no chance that Google can be sued for linking to sites that give out passwords or provide copyright infringing material. Also, last I'd heard courts had determined that the thumbnail images Google provides in their image search do not infringe on the copyright in those images because the pics are too small and low rez to be of any other use. I'm not sure if that is at issue here or not. that we have cleared that up...where are these "free peek" sites?


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