Thursday, December 02, 2004

Innovation or copying?

I randomly stumbled across a thought provoking post about innovation vs. copying in the creation of new creative works. This debate is all about how you view "the author," do you have a romantic vision of a person truly coming up with totally original material or do you see the author as a person building and remixing works of the past while making some new creative additions? Here's how the post closes:

In every case, the end result is an affirmation of the value of an open society that doesn't put unnecessary limits on inventive recombination -- in art, in technology, or in business -- while still allowing for enough authorship rights that creators and inventors and artists can make a living. This is of course not the kind of society we are living in, but it seems that increasing numbers of people are trying to get us there.
Go read the rest here:
Idea Flow: Copying and Innovation: Cheating, or Brilliance?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

P'raps the problem is not so much the excessive protection of copyrighted by the creators, but the removal of the truly creative process to a playing field where it's getting its ass beat by big corporations with infinitely superior marketing powers.

Iron out that problem, and you might find that hawkish protectors of intellectual property either a) are also starving or b) have been out shopping for Mickey Mouse ties with Michael Eisner.

Then you could abolish filial inheritance of intellectual property to keep the Margaret Mitchell Estate-type people at bay..... oh the possibilities.
Nice blog.

12/02/2004 11:08 PM  

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