Friday, December 17, 2004

Lycos kills the make LOVE not SPAM idea

Too bad, this was such a great idea - make a screensaver people can download that will perform a denial of service attack on spam servers while their computer is idle. Obviously the spammers didn't think it was a great idea, they attacked the Lycos site and are now distributing a virus by the name - prompting Lycos to just give up. It was a great idea with very poor execution by Lycos.

Here's my prior post on the topic.

Check out the make LOVE not SPAM site now - it's a notice of discontinuence and a warning about the virus.


Blogger Dram Man said...

A bit of a rumor to add to this. The Make Love idea was hatched by Lycos UK operations. At the same time it was released, Lycos changed ownership from Terra Networks (Spain Telecom) to Daum Communications (A Korean internet portal with global ambitions).

Now Korea happens to be one of the capitals for spam servers (mainly hijacked machines, Koreans do not maintain securtiy patches). The rumor here is the Make Love program was bombarding Korean servers so much that key servers in Koreas backbone were getting overloaded. This in turn made the Ministry of Information and Communication to lean on Daum and kill the project.

12/20/2004 9:37 PM  

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