Friday, March 18, 2005

Britain's McLibel case finally over, going since 1985

I missed this a month ago, but it seems that Brintain's McLibel case has mostly come to a close when the European Court of Human Rights ruled that they had not recieved a fair trial in Britain after McDonald's succesfully sued the two defendants (a postman and barmaid) for libel for passing out anti-McDonald's fliers. Britain's libel laws are notoriously harsh and favorable to plaintiffs, this is a case in which they were almost certainly abused. The ECHR also held that Britain should've provided for the defendants' legal defense. The case began in 1985.

The "McLibel Suit" has finally come to a close. The Court ruled in favor of activists Dave Morris and Helen Steel. The case was the longest-running in English legal history(!!!) and cost McDonald's over $16 million.
Jason Bourgeois - A Super-Sized Case


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