Saturday, August 13, 2005

Mac Hacks Allow OS X on PCs

It's been looking likely, what with Mac switching to Intel chips in the near future, that Mac has plans to release its OS to run on PCs. But I wonder if they wanted this to be accomplished first by a bunch of hackers?

"Hackers and curious computer users this week have been downloading the tweaked Mac OS X for PCs, nicknamed "OSx86," from several websites connected to the BitTorrent file-distribution system. OSx86 is designed to run on Apple Computer's next generation of hardware, which some call "MacIntels" and others "MacTels" because the machines will run on Intel microprocessors rather than the PowerPC processor used in current Macs."

For some reason, the word on the web is that Mac OS X runs faster on PCs than on Macs.

Mac people can never quiet down about how incredible Macs are, it's a total cult thing. But it looks like Jobs is going to take Mac mainstream now and compete more directly with Microsoft in the PC market. I'll guess we'll all really see just how wonderful, or not, the Mac OS is. Once Mac goes Intel and allows its OS to be used on PCs, it won't be able to sell it's computers at those ridiculously inflated prices based on their "coolness" factor and design anymore. It'll be make-it or break-it go-time. I think they have a good shot at actually ending up as real competition for MS, or at least, they're the only ones that have any shot at all (except for Linux, sort of).

Here's the article: Wired News: Mac Hacks Allow OS X on PCs


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