Saturday, April 03, 2004

The annotated SCO stock price chart

If you don't know about the SCO suit already, well, I'm not going into deatail about it. Basically, SCO is a company that has sued IBM claiming that IBM stole pieces of the UNIX OS for use in Linux, SCO claims to own the copyright in UNIX (although even that claim is under attack). So far the very complex suit is going nowhere - it is in the discovery stage and SCO has been unable to demonstrate any specific code infringement so the case may go down in flames. SCO, if sucessfull, will be putting the open-source movement on ice. They are basically attempting to obtain a ruling that would allow them to profit from the work of all the people who made Linux, for free, by "licensing" the software to all the companies that are using it. Here is a cool annotated SCO stock price chart via N.Q.B. (Not Quite a Blog), chart here.


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