Thursday, April 29, 2004

Florida Town Will Soon Have Cameras and Computers Running Background Checks on Every Car and Driver!

This just seems wrong, but the fact is that the courts have determined that when you are in your car you are in a public space and therefore have no reasonable expectation of privacy.

One of the nation's wealthiest towns will soon have cameras and computers running background checks on every car and driver that passes through.
Police Chief Clay Walker said cameras will take infrared photos recording a car's tag number, then software will automatically run the numbers through law enforcement databases. A 911 dispatcher is alerted if the car is stolen or is the subject of a "be on the lookout" warning.

If you land on the "be on the lookout" list another camera will take a picture of your face!

Another reason this should be ok is that it isn't discriminatory in who it takes pictures of in the same way an officer may be. The cameras and computers will check everyone, not just people of a certain ethnicity or from a certain county.

If you are a robber looking for a jackpot head to Manalapan, check it out:

Manalapan's town council authorized $60,000 in security upgrades last week after three burglaries this winter robbed residents of $400,000 in jewelry. The town averages two or three burglaries per year and residents demanded swift response

Get used to it, this is a trend. There are already thousands of cameras in cities all over the US and the EU watching all the time. For some reason this situation seemed newsworthy because it involves cars just driving through, but the fact is your on camera fairly often if you live in certain areas of NYC or London. As the price of surviellence equipment drops and as facial recognition software becomes more effective these stories will keep on coming.

Via ABC News.


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