Friday, April 16, 2004

when will the TV execs figure it out?

When I read these articles about how the Nielsen Media Research system must be inaccurate because it has recently registered a huge drop in TV viewership generally, I always snicker. The TV media companies are claiming the Nielson ratings are suddenly no good. Okay, I'm no media company exec, but why won't these guys wake up - the reason for the huge drop is that everyone is on the internet or playing video games instead of being spoon fed lame sitcoms and talk shows! I haven't done the research, but I really believe it is that simple. With the advent of cheap broadband the internet experience has become truly pleasurable for the masses, and people enjoy being able to utilize interactive media. The internet is a media technology in which you "pull" down what you want to see as opposed to a "push" broadcast media - like TV or radio, where you have no option what you see or hear (beyond your ability to change the channel). The main difference: there's always something on with the Internet. In addition, video games, once considered the domain of geeks, are now insanely popular and getting more so - especially with the ability for online play. TV just can't compete.


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