Friday, June 25, 2004

INDUCE Act induces journalists to write some good articles

Articles about the INDUCE Act:



Two NYT op-eds about file sharing and the negative effects of laws like the INDUCE Act:

NYT op-ed #1 - Don't Beat Them, Join Them

NYT op-ed #2 - Share the Music

Also, check out the EFF Newsroom for their latest press release. They have also drafted a mock complaint in which "major recording companies" sue Apple because the iPod, induces consumers to infringe copyrights. I'd lay down all my worldly possessions (ain't much) on a bet that if the INDUCE Act passes you'll see a flurry of lawsuits against all the MP3 makers, the companies that make their components, and maybe even retailers who sell them. What would happen then, is that the music companies themselves would control the licensing of the technology and would either let it die off or start doing something like - making MP3 players that require the user's biometric data in order to allow the consumer to listen to the tunes on it. Such devices are already in the works.

Thanks to Tom and The EFF for the links.


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