Thursday, June 24, 2004

New Beatie Boys CD secretly installs DRM software on computers

It seems that the new Beastie Boys CD, when loaded up on a Windows or Mac OS using computer secretly installs copy protection software onto the users computer. That's pretty dodgy stuff, basically like some sort of hidden malware. I got the CD a few days ago and it ripped on iTunes just fine, but who knows what the copy protection software does. According to The Register the "infected" copy of the CD is being sold everywhere except in the US and UK, so chances are most of us are a-ok. Anyway, it seems there is a way to get rid of it if you have got an infected copy. See the links below for more.

Note: The Register (and several others) provide information on how to defeat the DRM software (digital rights management). If the newly introduced INDUCE Act were to pass in Congress this activity create liability for those sites hosting such information because they have induced others to directly infringe on the copyright. How's that sound? More on the INDUCE Act can be found below.

More on the Beastie Boys CD at, Boing Boing, Garbage House, Security Focus, Slashdot, and an article in The Register.


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