Sunday, June 13, 2004

"iRaq" ads

The "iRaq" posters showing up on the streets of NYC. Parody or satire?

Answer - the clear target of these remixed ads is society/politics in general and not Apple or the iPod, these are satire. The ads are political speech, but the political point they make could be made using any variety of remixed marks, therefore the legal system probably would not recognize the use of Apple's mark as a fair one.

An analysis of a case here may be similar to that of the 1997 "The Cat Not in the Hat" case (Dr. Seuss v. Penguin Books). There, the 9th Circ. found that the Dr. Seuss style book, which targeted O.J. Simpson and his crazy trial, did not sufficiently riducule the original work of Dr. Seuss to be considered a parody. Here is a link to a sample poem. Here's the decision. Here are summaries of several parody v. satire cases.

Thanks to Engadget for the pic.


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