Friday, July 16, 2004

DMCRA on the move...but so is the Induce Act

According to this PC World article, things are looking good for the passage of the Digital Media Consumers' Rights Act.  David Green, the VP of the MPAA claims that the DMCRA:

"...would 'put a hole in the ship,' Green says, by allowing the creation of devices or technologies that have significant copyright-infringing uses. The explosion of digital content available in the last six years is due to the protections of the DMCA, he says."
I guess Green forgot that the Betamax decision and the fair use provisions of the Copyright Act already give people the right to create technology with significant infringing uses.  Also, I could have sworn the reason that there has been an explosion of digital content in the last six years was not because of the DMCA, but because of the DEVELOPMENT OF DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY, like the Internet (and also because digital content providers are raking in tons of loot).
Thank god for the DMCA, without it all the digital content providers would probably just...keep producing digital content and raking in tons of loot.
It is a shame that the MPAA and other media groups are so short sighted.  They would love nothing more than to just freeze technological development.  In the long-run of course, they have much to gain from the advancement of digital media technology - as they did with the VCR, which they were scared silly of too. 
This killing off of technological innovation is the major goal of the Induce Act as well, which by the way, has been fast tracked in the Senate and may be voted on as early as this Thursday.  Find out more and send petitions to your representatives here, New Yorkers go here for more.
It seriously takes all of a minute to send an email to your representatives about the Induce Act via the EFF websiteGo, give it a whirl.


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