Tuesday, July 13, 2004

OutFOXed documentary copyright concerns covered

Ernest at The Importance of... has this topic completely covered. Basically, after FOX sued over the title of Al Franken's "Lies and the Lying Liars..." book and was laughed out of court one would want to be careful when using the litigious FOX's material. This post is a good look at the issues involved. Luckily for the producers of OutFOXed they had Larry Lessig and other copyright mavens to assist them in making their film infringement free and full of fair use.

See a clip of OutFOXed here. There are more clips to be seen at the OutFOXed homepage as well.

Here's a NYT Magazine article about OutFOXed and the "Guerilla Documentary." Check it out before it gets archived.

Via The Impotance Of...

Update: I just noticed this more recent post at The Importance Of..., apparently FOX is already threatening to sue over the film and were very pissed off about that NYT Magazine article linked to above. More articles:
Film Calls Fox News Biased, Channel Cries Foul
Fox Fights Back Against 'NY Times' Over Film Story

FOX is claiming that this is all illegal infringement that is being supported by the NYT and "liberal billionare" George Soros (inducement to infringe perhaps?). Awwwww, boo hoo.

UPDATE: I've never had reason to link to Wonkette, but thanks to Tech Law Advisor for pointing out that Wonkette has all the internal FOX News memos used by the creators of OutFOXed to show that Fox's bias. It is quite a read just to check out the first few paragraphs.


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