Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The Super Megason IV

Afrotech (interesting name...) has discovered the Super Megason IV gaming system at a store near his place in Bahrain. Since this is an 8 bit system, like the old Nintendo, I wonder what the first 3 incarnations of the Megason were like. Anyway, this is a great example of this interesting new trend I've been noticing on the streets of New York City, that's right, it isn't only happening in Bahrain!

Now that the components of such low-power computer systems are incredibly cheap, some pirate/hackers/companies out there are mass producing them and including a whole slew of old Nintendo games along with the hardware. In this case the many games come on a single cartridge (even though it looks in the picture like the Megason takes a CD), but there are some similar devices for sale on the streets of NYC that have all the games built right into the firmware inside the controller! Isn't that snazzy! I have a friend who recently picked on of these up for $10, so maybe I'll post some pics eventually.

If you're reminiscing and want to get your Super Mario and Duck Hunt on, this is the way to go these days...that is, if you don't mind totally violating countless copyrights doing so.

Here's an overly sarcastic look at the Super Megason on Joystiq.

Via Joystiq and Afrotech.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wait, what makes you think there's only 3 previous consoles? ... its 3 SUPER megasons and god knows how many plain ol' megasons, not to mention megasonboy, megason ds, lite etc!


7/25/2007 2:14 AM  
Blogger Alex said...

I had a megason when I was a kid around 1993 in Israel haha

4/08/2009 6:23 AM  

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