Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Hillary Clinton co-sponsors the INDUCE Act

I am ashamed to learn that Hillary Clinton, my NY rep in the Senate, has become a co-sponsor of the INDUCE Act (now IICA). Hillary Clinton has received $1,100,390 from Hollywood in the past.

This really feels like a blatant sell out to me, Hollywood/media money vs. technological innovation and consumer 'rights'. I wonder if Clinton even knows more than a few blurbs or soundbites about the bill? I really don't see how the INDUCE Act is supportable by an intellectually honest and informed person. I like Clinton for the most part, but after this I am much more skeptical of her motives in politics. Too bad.

There are currently nine co-sponsors for the INDUCE Act.

Learn more at The Importance Of..., Ernest Miller has been doing lots of wonderful posts about IICA there.


Blogger esq. said...

I felt the same way until I sent her a nice little nasty email letting her know how I felt.

7/21/2004 3:17 PM  

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