Friday, July 16, 2004

The NY Post screws up again, etc.

Allow me to preface this post by stating that I really don't give a crap about Britney Spears or what she drinks...that said...
I've described the New York Post as a right-leaning scandal rag in the past (and also The Washington Times, which is no better - and is still running the "10 out of 10 terrorists agree anybody but Bush" ad on it's home page, if you don't know what I mean click here). 
Proving me right yet again, yesterday the NY Post ran a huge picture on the front page of the paper of what they purported was Britney Spears drinking liquor from one of those mini bottles.  Why this would even be interesting to anyone if it were true I do not know.  As it turns out the drink was not liquor.  Spears even has the guy who rang her up at the store on her side, saying he sold her a little bottle of ginseng.   
This comes only a week after the NY Post got an "exclusive" on Kerry's pick for running mate - Gephardt, oops.  They keep screwing up because all they care about is being the first with the story, true or not.  They really are no better than the Drudge Report (which, incidentally, is also running the "10 out of 10 terrorists agree" ad).  This time it looks like the NY Post's screw-up may cost them a money settlement with Spears.
I used to get the NY Post on occasion because it is only 25 cents and is definitely easy reading on a lunch break.  I've since sworn it off and I feel much more intelligent for it.  When you read the NY Post you can feel your brain cells melting down, probably much the same as you would feel watching Fox News, which incidentally is owned by the same right wing media baron, Rupert Murdoch.  
Here's the NY Daily News on the Spears incident (they're always happy to point out the NY Post's failings), and here's one of many stories on the Kerry running mate flap.  I also found an article in the Investor's Business Daily entitled: "The New York Post is becoming a bad joke," unfortunately the article isn't there anymore.  I think that title does just about sum it up though.  If the NY Post were even 50 cents I think the NY Daily News (being 50 cents) would wipe it out (or if the Daily News were 25 cents). 
The NY Post, Wash Times, Fox News, and the Drudge Report are all peas of the same pod.  They aren't just trashy, they're misreporting the truth.  It isn't such a problem when it concerns what Britney is drinking, but obviously when it comes to reporting important things like War, it can be a problem when half the country is getting misinformation.


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