Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Kerry Edwards dot com, how much is it worth?

Sometimes life is too bizarre, or perhaps it was predictable that there would be a bail bondsman out there named Kerry Edwards who would've registered Kerryedwards.com and posted pics of his family on the site. If this guy had no legitimate right to the site name then a quick UDRP proceeding could have been the solution for John Kerry's campaign. But because the guy's name is actually Kerry Edwards the site name will have to be purchased from him. The site looks so crappy you have to wonder if they didn't just buy it up for this purpose and throw some pics on it, that doesn't really matter anymore though (according to ALoTTFMA the site was registered several years ago).

In a CNN interview Kerry Edwards says he's been contacted by several "international companies" looking to buy the site and that he didn't even know the identities of some of the potential buyers who were making offers. The highest offer so far is $150,000, but it sounds like Kerry Edwards is looking for five figures. John Kerry's campaign has called him as well, but apparently aren't offering much. One may wonder why Kerry Edwards, a Democrat, wouldn't just give it to the John Kerry campaign for a "reasonable" price. But seriously, John Kerry's campaign has around $200 million last I checked, and John Kerry himself is sitting on another couple hundred mill at home. I don't blame Kerry Edwards one bit for telling John Kerry to shove it. I would do the same thing in his spot.

I am really nervous for Kerry Edwards though, I think he better sell that site very soon. John Kerry will no doubt register something like "kerryedwards04.com" or "kerryedwards2004.com." The hype surrounding the Kerryedwards.com site name could easily be gone within days, we'll see what happens. I say take the money and run Kerry Edwards!

Via Tech Law Advisor. Also check out The American Mind for some fun Bush v. Kerry daughters action.


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