Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Shocker: owner of "fansite" that offered TV shows for download busted

Saw this on Slashdot, more here:

"The Stargate SG-1 Information Archive is reporting that the Feds filed charges against Adam McGaughey, creator of SG1Archive.com. The website is a fan site for the television show Stargate SG-1. The charges allege that Adam used the website to engage in Criminal Copyright Infringement and Trafficking in Counterfeit Services. Two interesting things about the charges are that they were apparently set in motion by a complaint by our friends at the MPAA and the FBI invoked a provision of the USA Patriot Act to obtain financial records from his ISP. Is copyright infringment now a terrorist act?"
You almost want to feel sorry for this guy. But then...according to this DOJ press release the site offered downloadable copies of all the episodes of the show. This Google Group link also indicates that this guy isn't deserving of much sympathy, it seems he's been engaged in some quite dodgy acts including ripping people off on eBay (not that that's relevent to the copyright issues, but still). I see that BoingBoing has more on this.

Noteworthy is that the comments to the post on Slashdot get around to discussing the INDUCE Act somehow. I don't know why, but I like the fact that people are thinking about it and are worried about it...because they should be worrying.

By the way, if you see anymore about the Patriot Act thing, drop me a comment with a link to the article, thanks!


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