Saturday, August 28, 2004

Convention pics, round one.

Although it has nothing to do with IP or cyberlaw, I have decided to post whatever pics of NYC I happen to grab this week during the RNC. As you probably know the protests have already begun, with arrests being made of an AIDS awareness group on Thursday and of bicyclist/environmentalist protestors on Friday. There was also the crew that scaled a building to put up this sign and all these rooftop banners for conventioners flying in over the city.

Today there was a pro-life march and the usual commotion in Union Square. Here are links to my pics from today, I just happened upon these two events while out shopping ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Conventioners arriving at hotel with army of police as escort.
Pro-choice march one, check out the "free speech zones."
Pro-choice march two, there was a congressman from Brooklyn/Queens speaking to the crowd. They claimed there was 20,000 marchers.
Pro-choice march three, from afar.
About a quarter-mile of cops and scooters in case the pro-choicers get out of control, there were also many in full riot gear.
Here are two shots of one of a pro-choice demonstrator (who I'd bet was also at the bicycle rally yesterday).
On to Union Square, on the right are "Zionists for peace" and to the left are anti-Bush protesters.
The protests in Union square have been ongoing daily for about two years, no kidding. These over-the-top guys have been out there the whole time, they just like to get people to argue with them I think.
This is a new Republican group I've seen in Union Square called "Communists for Kerry," similar to the "Billionaires for Bush" op-art street performance crew that's been in the news. They've got Lenin, Stalin, Che G., and others. Commies for Kerry is a Republican 527, but it's actually hard to tell, unlike with the Billionaires for Bush, who are more humorous and an obvious parody.
The cops and a blimp showed up to join the fun at Union Square too.


I suppose I'll go out to take pics of the massive protest tomorrow. It could get ugly though and I'm not up for that. Also, it's been really hot out, combine that with a quarter-million smelly protesters and I don't know how long I'll last.


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