Sunday, September 19, 2004

Non Sequitur on Hawking's recent thoughts on black holes & Swamy Raj is still pissed

I'm sure that Raj Baldev would agree with this Non Sequitur.

For those that have missed it, this post I did awhile back on Raj Baldev, an Indian cult leader/astrologer/scientist who claims Hawking stole his "copyrighted" ideas about black holes, has been one of my most controversial. Seriously, I doubt anyone has ever stolen an idea from the smartest guy on planet earth. Anyway, it has attracted a slew of comments from all over the globe. Ok, so only from India and the US, but they are so funny. Go and entertain yourself. Check out the post about Swamy Raj here and then check out the comments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting blog indeed.

I did some digging myself and found you have mixed up two people in your post.

One is Dr. Baldev Raj and the other is Dr. Raj Baldev.

You will find info about Dr. Baldev Raj from

and for Dr. Raj Baldev from

I checked history of Dr. Baldev Raj and of Dr. Raj Baldev, they both seem to be pretty smart people with exceptional contributions.

Dr. Baldev Raj.

Dr. Raj Baldev

I found more about the Astrology bit from

The other thing I noticed is that some people have a prejudice that that smart people don't steal ideas.

I will post my comment, if i can find the book on the Internet and then form my own opinion if the idea was stolen or not.

Brian Jones, London (You got a person from UK to read your post.)

PS: I am doing a research on formation of Black holes and found your blog, it has helped me find another source Dr. Raj Baldev whose book I can refer, if i find it. Thanks :-)

11/09/2004 6:40 AM  

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