Friday, October 08, 2004

JibJab at it again with "good to be in DC"

JibJab has released their second short flash film lampooning Bush and Kerry. The new short, call Good to be in D.C., is put to the music of Dixie. The last Jib Jab release was the famous "This Land" short in which they used Woody Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land." A publisher claimed "This Land" was still under copyright and threatened to sue JibJab. Lucky for them the EFF came to their aid, demonstrated that the song was not still under copyright, and JibJab survived. I suspect that, despite all the attention the Jib Jab guys got last time because of their legal difficulties, they were a bit more careful this time around. Go check out the short here. If you want to see the "This Land" short you have to pay up. JibJab is now a CafePress empire as well, so get your "I'm a rightwing nut job" t-shirts there after watching "Good to be in D.C."

Congrats to the JibJabbers for making good on the American dream by being goofballs.

Here's a link to my former posts about the JibJib legal situation with "This Land," as linked by Lessig, The Importance of..., and Slashdot.

Here's a great ZDNet article: Political spoof a boon for JibJab business

Here's the latest on JibJab via Google News.


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