Friday, December 17, 2004

Don't mess with a Jewish Orthodox Anarchist

This is the best reply to a cease and desist I've seen. The sender is the company that makes tshirts that say "Jesus is my homeboy." The receiver is a guy hawking similar looking t-shirts on Cafepress that say "Jesus was a kike." The sender is claiming copyright and trademark infringement. Here's the end of the receiver's response to the second cease and desist letter:

Thus, I will not comply with your demands, because I believe they are without merit, and would like to note, in addition, that you will have a rather hard time serving me with papers as I am currently residing in Israel and do not intend to return to the United States for some time, if ever. On top of that, I have been unemployed for nearly a year, with no savings to speak of, so good luck seeking damages. You should also take under consideration that the t-shirts are manufactured by a print-on-demand service and therefore there is a) no inventory, b) I earn roughly $3 per shirt (whereas Cafepress takes the vast majority of earnings for their part in manufacturing and distribution), and c) I haven't sold more than a dozen of them. If you're really intent on taking me to court for $36, be my guest. It's probable that you will lose the case, but if by some miracle of God you don't, you ain't gonna get nothin' outta me anyway except to further impoverish the impoverished which, I must say, would be an incredibly un-Christian action on your client's part.

In such a scenario I can only wonder really, what would Jesus do?

I think he'd let it go.

Thanks for your prompt reply,

Daniel Sieradski

Read the entire exchange here: Orthodox Anarchist (via Boing Boing).


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