Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Anna Nichole Smith's case to go to the Supreme Court -- $474 Million at stake!

Here's another random, non-intellectual property related post. But wow, the money involved makes it interesting enough!

Anna Nichole Smith's case regarding how much of her ex-hubby's estate she was entitled to is going to the US Supreme Court. The issue is a pretty bland procedural one, someting about when may federal courts hear claims that are also involved in a state probate proceeding.

[Anna Nichole Smith] stands to win as much as $474 million that a bankruptcy judge initially said she was entitled to. The case will be argued before the justices early next year. She has not gotten any money from the estate of J. Howard Marshall II, an oil tycoon who married her in 1994 when he was 89 and she was 26. Marshall, one of Texas' wealthiest men, died in 1995.
The initial $474 million award was reduced to about $89 million, then thrown out altogether by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

Well, we all know the 9th Circuit is the most often overturned circuit, that should make Smith feel good. Hey, maybe if she wins she'll have so much money that she could stop the pathetic reality shows and diet pill ads she's been doing! So basically, if she wins, we all win!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i feel sorry for her loss of her husband, but the "family" didnt interfer with his decision of his marriage,so "BUTT"out now, more money hungry people, You go girlfriend,do what you have to do and what is rightfully yours, after all if your late hubby wanted them to have it why didnt he do somethng about when he was living. God Bless you sweetie,H.L.Davidson,Ky

7/24/2006 12:06 AM  

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