Tuesday, November 01, 2005

BitTorrent Uploader Convicted for Copyright Infringement

Man, I really wouldn't want to know what the inside of a Chinese prison looks like. "Big Crook," an uploader of movies on BitTorrent, is finding out though...

PC Pro -- BitTorrent uploader convicted for copyright infringement:

The world's first conviction for copyright infringement over BitTorrent file-sharing networks was passed yesterday.

Unemployed 38-year-old Chan Nai-ming of Hong Kong was convicted of copyright infringement after uploading three blockbusters to BitTorrent networks, although he denied the charge, reports the China Post. It seems an ill-boded defence to make considering his username on the service was 'Big Crook'.

He was arrested in January. Customs officials said they were delighted at the outcome and that the precedent-setting case had sparked a sharp decline in the use of BitTorrent [unlikely].

He will be sentenced next month.


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