Wednesday, April 07, 2004

console vs. PC for MMOG's

CNN is running an article called "The Tale of two gaming worlds: Online consoles soar while PCs stumble." They basically note that the growth of MMORPG's (for which you need a PC to play) appears to be flat while the growth of people playing MMOG's on the XBox and Playstation is soaring. The console games are pretty much all first person shooters (FPS) as opposed to role playing games in persistent worlds (meaning they exist and evolve even when you arent there playing). These findings are not surprising, FPS's have greater appeal to the average game player because they do not require a great investment of time and because the console systems are cheap compared to a PC.
"The console business is all about multiplayer," says an analyst who was interviewed for the article. This is not surprising, gaming is actually a social experience for many people, despite the stereotypes of the video game player. Anyway, it's a good article that summarizes what major online games are out there.
Here's the same story in the WaPo.


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