Monday, April 05, 2004


Peeps, the little colored marshmallow chicks and bunnies, are one of the strangest modern pop culture icons. Why do people love them? Why do artists use tham as a medium? Why do people cover their cars in Peeps? Why is there a "Lord of the Peeps" pictoral that made me laugh so hard I cried...just thinking about how much effort it must have taken to create... Here is a recent WaPo article on Peeps and another in the Houston Chronicle. There are 135 Google results for "peeps art."

Anyway, the yellow (not pink) Peeps Fun Bus is going to be NY later this week - on April 7th through the 11th, the 11th being a "NY Easter Event." Surely not an event to miss, hopefully one of the NYC photobloggers will be out there shooting it so we can all enjoy it vicariously. Call this number to find out exactly where the Peeps bus will be while in NYC if you're going to check it out - 1-866-270-9638.

Update: my Peep champion has bested Carson's in Peep jousting!


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