Friday, April 30, 2004

The XBox catching up

The XBox is on the come-up. In the past one of XBox's greatest weakness (and Paystation 2's greatest strength) has been their inability to woo game designers to make exclusives for their box (and thus take advantage of the XBox's greater power). Times they are a-changin'. Also, the XBox is actually overtaking the PS2 in monthly sales now, although it could never hope to sell more in general.

Some games being made soley for the XBox that are on their way - Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict & Doom 3. These are both bound to be huge sellers, which will strengthen its rep as the top box for FPS's.

Sony has prevailed up to now on symbiotic advantages: it sells more consoles because it has many of the most popular games, often exclusively, and developers of those games are attracted by the sheer number of PlayStation users. If Microsoft can woo more developers to Xbox, the balance of power in the next round could change.

Word. XBox has the power, it just needs the software.

Via The New York Times.


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