Wednesday, May 19, 2004

The battle for your desktop: MS vs. Google

This article in the New York Times gives some insight in how the battle between MS and Google is developing. I've posted on this a few times before. Google is trying to get on your desktop to provide searching for not only websites, but also your internal file, they are also doing email now which competes with Hotmail. Microsoft is trying to defend by deveolping a comparable search engine that they plan to integrate into the next version of Window, called Longhorn, which will not be released until well into 2006. If MS is sucessful and consumers like the search more than Google, then Google could go the way of Netscape. Read the article to get a better idea of what is to come for PC desktops. Times they are a changin'. Google is lucky in that they have about one and half years to make their move before Longhorn comes out. But MS may launch a new search engine by the end of the year.

Via NYT.


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