Monday, May 17, 2004

The BBC notes that the iPod is a piece of crap

"Rivals challenge iPod's dominance. Apple's iPod may be the flavour of the month, but there are better and cheaper choices, says a computing magazine." Thank you, it's about time someone mentioned the other HD MP3 players out there. The iPod is a piece of crap, I have one and I hate it (when it works). The only reason for its success is that it was first and has a big marketing campaign.

I've been eyeing the Dell DJ as my next choice. It's cheaper, has more memory, and a battery that last twice as long as the iPod's. Too boot, it probably won't have buggy software (at least for PC) or crash constantly. I have spoken with plenty of iPod owners - they all say they have problems with their iPod and that it took them forever to get it working, yet they all claim to love it. I think they are just loathe to admit they got ripped off by a trend (ours was a gift, so no sweat really on the money although I have dumped at least 20 hours into trying to make it work/fix it over the last 8 months since we got it - it's about to go on eBay).

Don't waste your money on an iPod, look around. Dam, I could rant iPod hatred all day.

Via the Beeb.


Anonymous sally said...

yes i agree with you because i just bought an MP3 player and i looked around before and ipod was no on my list.
so i bought creative lab zen mirco
and i dont really see whats so great about an ipod.
and i dont think ill ever get one

7/12/2005 8:45 AM  

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