Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The copyleft getting some attention from the BBC

Seems that the copyleft's ideas are getting more and more mainstream media attention, see here:

How punitive laws on copyright and e-snooping might just make activists of us all.

Such strict laws help control the people that can do least about them - consumers. Music firms are not putting digital locks on CDs and downloaded files to deter pirates.

File-sharing has been blamed for the slump in music sales
"Technical sophisticates and dishonest users are not stopped by this. Ukrainian pirate gangs are not slowed down by digital rights management," he says.

Instead these locks milk cash from ordinary consumers, such as the mother unable to make a video copy of an expensive DVD in case the children break it.

"The people slowed down by [digital locks] are those that can least afford it. These people are just going to get screwed and that's a shame."

In the meantime -

The number of internet users who illegally download films and TV series has tripled over the past year, a survey has suggested.

Via The BBC


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