Thursday, May 13, 2004

Pro-Gmail blitz

The article is in The WaPo and is titled, Gmail Leads Way in Making Ads Relevant I have been testing Gmail for weeks now myself, and I love it. I have never clicked on one of the ads though, because like elsewhere on the Internet, they are pretty easy to ignore (although I hate all those flash ads on the news sites). I've written on the issues of privacy that have come up because of it here, here, here, here, and here. But the ads are not intrusive and only placed by a computer scanning for keywords, which doesn't worry me. Read the article, it's the only defense of Gmail I've seen so far. [Update: there's another, better pro-Gmail article in the NYT. Go, read, and desire a Gmail account for yourself. Ha ha, I've got one and you don't, nanny nanny boo boo.]

My email address, by the way, is ccohen (at) gmail dot com, feel free to drop me a line, or send me interesting links/articles.

Via WaPo & The New York Times (thank you Jen for sending them in).


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