Monday, May 10, 2004


ay yi yi...

Hey everyone, sorry no posts since saturday. The problem is that I am now deeply embroiled in law school finals. I'll try to post once a day, but no promises.

As a side note, Blogger, the blogging service I am now using, has just been massively updated . I will now be able to include a comments section (right next to the perma link down there below the post) so that my readers can weigh in on these most interesting of topics. Also, there are new templates available, so the look and feel of this spot will probably change (feel free to let me know if you like/dislike). If the changes are satisfactory to me, I may even be able to keep this blog here for a bit longer than I thought. My gripe with Blogger has been that it is not very flexible unless you know how to script, which I don't. Hopefully, It'll be a whole new Blogger experience from here on out.

If you didn't know it, Blogger is actually run by Google. How about a shout out to the Googsters for trying to get that cutomer satisfaction going on. Also, for the last month or so I have been using Gmail, the new Google email service - which is actually still in Beta so accounts are not available to everyone yet. I must say that it is a marked improvement over Yahoo! and Hotmail's email services (both of which I have accounts on) - in function (it's very quick, and easy to figure out), storage capacity (by SO much), and look and feel (it feels more like using a personal message board than an email service). I think It'll be huge when they release it. Good job Google. Soon we'll all be using Google OS, wait and see. There's a war brewing, between Microsoft and Google.


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